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But first let me say a few words about what you're supporting when you support the Critical Thinker Academy.

My Critical Thinking Projects

I used to be an academic philosopher, but now I produce video courses here at the Critical Thinker Academy, and I produce the Argument Ninja podcast (which you can also access here).

As listeners to the podcast will know, the next big project that I would like to produce is an online training site, tentatively called the Argument Ninja Academy, that will teach the art, science and ethics of “rational persuasion”, an innovative approach to critical thinking.

The organization of this program draws its inspiration from martial arts studios and the way that martial arts is traditionally taught.

Critical Thinking Resources Are a Public Good

Everyone benefits from a society where more people are exposed to critical thinking concepts and have the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills.

This is why I view the content that I produce as a public good that should be accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

My Business Model is a Patronage Model

Like public radio and public television, the financial model that supports these services is basically a patronage model. People who value these services can choose to pledge a certain amount of money to help maintain these services and support the creation of new content.

This is what I am asking from my supporters, and this is how I would like my supporters to think about their pledge.

You should know that I do this work full-time, and this is my sole source or revenue. I am able to continue this work only because of people like you who care enough about critical thinking to offer not only your moral support, but your financial support as well.


What You Get When You Become a Patron

My “rewards” model is simple and egalitarian. Whenever possible I don’t want to prevent people from accessing valuable content due to financial considerations.

I offer a range of monthly pledge support levels, starting at $3 per month, and scaling up to $100 per month.

1. Any Pledge Level Unlocks Every Course at the Critical Thinker Academy

For any of these support levels, as long as you maintain your subscription, you get access to ALL of the video content and other resources at the Critical Thinker Academy, including any new resources that I may add over time.

That's over 20 HOURS OF VIDEO CONTENT, over 600 pages of pdf ebooks with full transcripts, and more!

Here's a current list of the catalog contents:

  • Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It's Important
  • The Vocabulary of Science: First Steps to Science Literacy
  • Upgrade Your Mindware: A First Course in Cognitive Biases, Debiasing Strategies and Critical Thinking
  • What is a Good Argument?
  • Formal Fallacies: Errors in Reasoning Due to Bad Logic
  • Informal Fallacies: A Guided Tour
  • All the Formal Logic You Need to Know for Critical Thinking
  • What is Probability?
  • The Logic of Probability
  • Probability Fallacies
  • Critical Thinking About Science: Science Literacy for the 21st Century
  • Is Your Brain a Computer? Critical Thinking About Minds, Brains and Artificial Intelligence
  • Special Topics: God, the Big Bang and Conspiracies
  • How to Cite Sources and Avoid Plagiarism
  • How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay
  • A+ Essays: A Structured Approach to Successful Essay Writing
  • Q&A with Dr. K
  • The Argument Ninja Podcast
  • A Critical Thinking Library

Most of my entrepreneur friends think I'm crazy offering full access to the Critical Thinker Academy for as low as $3/month. They think I should raise the floor to at least $10/month.

But they don’t see the emails I get from people around the world who live in countries where $3/month in US dollars is equal to a full day’s pay, and who express their deep gratitude for making it possible for them to access this content.

2. Any Pledge Level Reserves a Seat For You in the Argument Ninja Academy

On the Argument Ninja podcast I’ve been making a case for a new approach to critical thinking education and outlining its main features.

To actually implement this program will require resources and support that I currently don’t have, unfortunately. It will require a new learning management system, new content development, new administrative support … it’s no longer a one-man job.

Your support will help to make this program a reality. In return I will honor your support by ensuring that you will have access to the content in this program, when it becomes available.

This is Why I Have the Higher Pledge Levels

I have the lower pledge levels to allow people with limited financial means to still access valuable critical thinking resources.

The higher pledge levels are intended for patrons of greater financial means who want to see my work continue and the Argument Ninja Academy program fully developed.

Frankly, without more patrons who are willing to pledge at these higher levels, it won’t be possible to develop the Argument Ninja Academy.

So, if you are a person of financial means who cares about the issues I talk about on the Argument Ninja podcast and wants to see this vision become a reality, please consider one of the higher pledge tiers.

Thank You!

I am very lucky to be doing what I’m doing, and none of it would be possible without the support of listeners, students and fans like you.

Thank you all, I deeply appreciate it!


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Courses Included with Purchase

The Vocabulary of Science: First Steps to Science Literacy
Learn to think more critically about science by mastering the language we use to talk about science
Kevin deLaplante
Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It's Important
Learn why critical thinking skills are important and why they can be so difficult to obtain.
Kevin deLaplante
Upgrade Your Mindware
A First Course on Cognitive Biases, Debiasing Strategies and Critical Thinking
Kevin deLaplante
Is Your Brain a Computer?
Critical Thinking About Minds, Brains and Artificial Intelligence
Kevin deLaplante
What is a Good Argument?
Learn the fundamental concepts for identifying and evaluating good and bad arguments.
Kevin deLaplante
All the Formal Logic You Need to Know
for Critical Thinking
Just enough to understand formal fallacies and to think critically about the logical structure of ordinary language
Kevin deLaplante
Introduction to Formal Fallacies
Errors in Reasoning Due to Bad Logic
Kevin deLaplante
Informal Fallacies: A Guided Tour
Slippery Slopes, Red Herrings, Straw Men and More!
Kevin deLaplante
Q&A with Dr. K
Every week I post answers to questions submitted by students and supporters of the Critical Thinker Academy
Kevin deLaplante
A Critical Thinking Library
A Selection of Books Accumulated Over 20 Years Teaching Critical Thinking, Philosophy and Science
Kevin deLaplante
What is Probability?
A Gentle Introduction to the Foundations and Philosophy of Probability
Kevin deLaplante
The Logic of Probability
Learn the Rules for Reasoning With Probabilities (including Bayes' Rule)
Kevin deLaplante
Probability Fallacies
Understanding the Errors We Make When Reasoning About Coincidences, Randomness and Uncertainty
Kevin deLaplante
How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay!
Watch me rewrite a short student essay from start to finish
Kevin deLaplante
A+ Essays: A Structured Approach to Successful Essay Writing
A Deep Dive Into What Makes a Good Academic Essay
Kevin deLaplante
How to Cite Sources and Avoid Plagiarism
Everything a student needs to know
Kevin deLaplante
Special Topics: Conspiracies, God, the Big Bang and More
Join the discussion on some of the popular topics from the Critical Thinker podcast.
Kevin deLaplante

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Your Instructor

Kevin deLaplante
Kevin deLaplante

Kevin deLaplante is the lead instructor at the Critical Thinker Academy. He earned an undergraduate degree in physics from Carleton University and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Western Ontario.

Kevin spent most of his academic career as an Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Iowa State University. From 2008-2013 he served as Chair of that department.

In 2015, Kevin left his academic job to work full time as an independent educator, creating video courses and other educational content for the Critical Thinker Academy, including the Argument Ninja podcast.

He currently lives with his family in his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.